As well as full or part restorations, we are happy to carry out regular servicing and also offer an MOT service in conjunction with a local garage.

We are happy to work on modern classics such as MGF, MX5, Elise etc as well as the more traditional Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, MG, Austin, Triumph, TVR and also a personal favourite of ours Land Rover.  We have been MGOC recommended for many years

As well as our in-house skills such as fabrication, MIG, TIG, and gas welding, bodywork and painting, we also work with a wide range of specialists such as: engineering shops, trimmers, polishers, chromers, sand blasters and stove enamellers.

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FOR SALE!! The wife's BMW Convertible, after much heartache and sole searching I've finally managed to prise the keys from her hand and persuade her to sell it. 325i Straight six, 5 speed manual, black leather interior, very original. £4995 Please call 01206 331988 for details

01206 331988

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R M Restorations(Colchester) Ltd
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